'thebridge' is an EchoLink compatible conference bridge that runs under FreeBSD, Linux, QNX, Mac OS X, Windows and hopefully most other Posix compatible operating systems.

The EchoLink system, and by extension this software, is for Amateur Radio Operators only. No provisions are made for SWL type access.

Amateur radio operators using 'thebridge' are required to register a conference with Echolink. The software will no long run on an ordinary Echolink user account. All of the links for downloading 'thebridge' and setting up an Echolink conference are under the 'links' menue on this page.

Our conferences uses a modified version of 'thebridge' which may not be compatible with other Echolink conferences. *TECHLINK* (*ECHOLIMA) restricts the connection of other Echolink conferences during net times and does not allow the connection of other conferences outside of net time with the except of when we are actively testing code.